Asmita 3.0 – Brick & Morker

SN Specification Category Specification (within 10% limit)
1 Internal Dimensions (mm x mm x mm) (900 x 1200 x 1850)
2 Wall MoC and thickness (mm) Brick wall (115 mm) + cement plaster, cement primer finish, ceramic tiles up to 600mm heigh
3 Door MoC and Dimension(mm x mm) Fibre cement board within Aluminium door frame (750 x 1850)
4 Front and back ventilator MoC and dimension (mm x mm) Front ventilator PVC (300 x 200) Back ventilator Concrete (300 x 300)
5 Pit MoC and Dimension (mm diameter x mm height) Brick work(1000 x 1000)
6 Pit Cover MoC and Dimension (mm diameter x mm height) RCC(1250 x 60)
7 Base MoC, Finish and Pan Concrete, with ceramic Tiles finish and ceramic pan

Accessories and customization: Western Style Pan, Health Faucet and Flush Tank, RCC Modular Pit, Aluminum Side Strips, Mounted 200 Liter Plastic Tank with one Plastic Tap connection, Solar Lantern and Exterior Emulsion Paint

SKU: Asmita 3.0