Flagship company of the USD 2 billion Lalbhai Group formed in 1879. Arvind was incorporated in 1931 and today it is listed on leading national stock exchanges. The diversified company has business interests in the filed of textiles, brands and retail, technical textiles, Real Estate and Engineering
Set-up as a business division within Arvind Limited to establish a dedicated vertical aimed at providing smart solutions to the problems of national importance such as Sanitation, Housing, Renewable Energy, Health , Education etc.
Under Project ASMITA we plan to enable toilet ownership for more than a million rural households across India

A happy and healthy family is central to our idea of India. Project ASMITA is closely linked with this idea as it aims to enhance happiness and health in families. Through our unique approach to family sanitation and hygiene, we intend to build happy, healthy and prosperous families and communities. Our ASMITA unit is a uniquely designed complete sanitary toilet built from a judicious blend of traditional and advanced materials. Today, as India gears up for leaving open defecation, it is imperative that we enable our population with standard good quality toilets and reach-out to them with motivating messages. ASMITA units are well suited for this purpose.

Health and hygiene problems have a strong correlation with sanitation. According to the United Nations’ estimate, at least 1.8 billion people globally use a source of drinking water that is fecally contaminated and 2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines. Each day, nearly 1,000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation-related diarrhoeal diseases. Sanitation is one of India’s greatest unmet challenges. Inadequate sanitation has dire consequences for public health, children’s education and growth, women’s safety and the fight against poverty. To address the sanitation problem, more than eight crore toilets need to be constructed in India, with most of them in the villages.
Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, India has witnessed a historic change in public attitude on sanitation. More than 2 crore toilets have been installed in last two years. However, access to good quality functional toilets continues to be low in rural India. Arvind has taken a step ahead to resolve this situation. Our ASMITA unit is co-created with rural households leading to widespread acceptability and compatibility with rural ecosystem. Its functional design along with optimal material selection makes it an all-terrain affordable sanitation solution which can be deployed in less than 50 man-hours.

We also offer the following service advantages

  1. Bulk orders for individual toilets will be executed within one month
  2. Post installation support to ensure good performance  
  3. Well-equipped on-ground sales force with call centre support for customers
  4. Financing options for individual customers to solve cash flow problem
  5. Opportunity to associate with Asmita team and become entrepreneur

Empanelling Good Product Designs

Sanitation companies and start-ups can empanel their unique toilet design with us. Our empanelment criteria is non-plastic, durability, acceptability and promoting innovations.

Training & Certifying Civil Contractors

Asmita team will train you and certify that you are Asmita certified installer. This will boost your business and you will get recommended by Asmita team to install toilets in different geographical areas as per your suitability.

Facilitate Demand Generation

MFIs/NBFC/Banks can become our partner to build their sanitation portfolio. Asmita team will provide technical training for demand generation, field execution and other business skills for sanitation.

Provide EPC & Quality Audit Services

Companies want to do CSR as toilet installation can give work order to Asmita team. Asmita team will install the toilets as per their instructions on turn key basis. We have team of sanitation experts who can do quality audits for installed toilets. By availing these services you can ensure quality and transparency.